About Me

                   2020                                                        2023

Who are you?

Hello amazing people, my name is Katie. "Okay and?" Whew, tough crowd. *sweats and pulls collar* Haha. Hey hey guys I'm Katie and I am here to help. Long story short I am a country girl from Inglewood or a city girl from Alabama, but either way I was pooped into existence because two people had too much to drink. JK!!! Anywho, I'd like to think I'm a pretty cool person who can make you laugh sometime because I love to see you smile and be happy because you deserve to. You deserve love, peace, happiness, and more. I believe that every living thing has a reason for being here, we might not know what that is and honestly, I don't help with that, but I can help to expand your reality with perspective. That's it, that's all. I'm not here to change anyone or make anyone do anything. I am simply here as a friend, guide, family, associate, or whatever you want to call it to give and help you gain more insight on life and how you can control it. :) And yes I do see that I didn't mention much about myself and it's because honestly, I just work here, its all about YOU! So finish browsing and message when you're ready so I can love on you. I'll be waiting! :)